A report from Forrester Research finds that while the majority of decision makers use social media in their work, most business-to-business marketers do not use it to influence purchasing decisions.

Laura Ramos, vice president at Forrester, says the social media realm is ready for b2b marketers to take advantage of, but many are not using it effectively.

The report found that most b2b marketers use some sort of social media in the workplace, with only 23 percent saying they don't participate at all, yet more than half said social media does not play a part in the purchasing process.

Oliver Young, a senior analyst at Forrester, says that the down economy will play a part in changing the way marketers view the relationship between b2b buyers and sellers. By taking social profiling data, Young says marketers can implement an integration of online tactics with more traditional marketing to reach an audience.

"Most B2B marketers miss the nuances of their audience's preferences by jumping directly to deploying social technology without first profiling the social behavior of their customers," she said. "Knowing buyers' behavior lets marketers set the most effective social media strategy instead of blindly trying every new technology that comes along."

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