Essentially Skittles is attempting to leverage the power of social media to give their web presence a direct connection with their customers, and supply the brand with a steady stream of authentic user created content. Charlene Lin, author and blogger says,

So, whats my take on this? I feel cheated. That’s right, I am not a Skittles fanboy! Here’s why, yesterday, I was knee deep in work, trying to get a project completed that I have spent the last year working on. While swimming in my pool of “to do” notes, I hear about this amazing new campaign that Skittles just launched. So I put down my work and immediately went to their home page. What did I find? A Twitter search page, with a few links to other sites that I am already familiar with. To sum up how I felt, ask Monica!

But Skittles doesn’t want to hear the thoughts of just one marketing geek. So tell us what you think of this campaign. Maybe Skittles will take note.

Yesterday rainbow-colored candy brand, Skittles launched a new web presence that has caused notice by many in the world of marketing and average web-head-geeks a like. The Mars-owned company gave their site a facelift of sorts that has left some in awe and others in shock.

Now when visitors go to they don’t see the typical corporate branded site. Instead they get a fresh serving of social media. The home page is essentially an overlay of displaying results for the term “skittles.” There are several other navigational features that Skittles has added to point users to other social media outlets such as YouTube and Facebook.

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